Just a Pair of Shoes is MORE Than JUST a Pair of Shoes!

This partnership began as part of our 75th Anniversary celebration in 2022. During this time, we wanted to expand our reach and do more to support the children of our communities. With a goal to combat a culture of bullying, we paired with Just a Pair of Shoes and its founder, Matt Cline, to provide 75 children a pair of name brand shoes in each of our markets.

The shoes provided through this partnership are no ordinary shoes. Not only do they provide comfort and protection, but they provide children the necessary confidence to succeed in school and brave any obstacle set before them.

In each of our markets, we work closely with Just a Pair of Shoes and local schools to identify students based on need and invite them to attend a pep rally where they will receive words of encouragement and a gift of brand new shoes. During the events, each child receives one-on-one assistance trying on their new shoes and they make a promise to be a good student, friend, and kid. This heartwarming experience expands upon our Kids Dream Too initiative with the ultimate goal of instilling a positive self-esteem and the courage to turn kids’ dreams into reality.

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